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Old 31st January 2011
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wow eric!
im so honored that you had a listen.

Nicely done! The snare is especially punchy. You gotta love the distressors!!

I might have to put that on my testimonials page.. hahaha

cheers for feedback on the 'I '76' snare sound! yeah.. its a ripper.
I have recently acquired a chandler tube driver from a friend so i'm dying to really see what I can do with it. I'm hoping it will be everything the sansamp isn't!
I have an 80's moog-funk band job coming up which i'm planning that sort of tapey 'I'76' vibe for so I'll let you all know how I go.

would i be right in saying i can hear some reversed snare reverb tail on that record too?

totally pumped to TBS.. i duno how you do it but you always seem to bring the absolute best out of them!
remind me to pick your brian one day about how you managed to get those vocals takes on Louder Now. They were such a step up from all their previous records and I'm sure you had something to do with it

thanks again Eric, good luck with mix!
Let me know if you need a hand haha

P.S been spreading the word on your new ATWS system... and the general response is... "arghhh! OF COURSE!"