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I know I'm wayy too late to this forum, but in case you do come back I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration over the years. Your records re-defined what records should sound like... I was 11 years old when Astro Lounge came out and I knew after that album that I wanted to make records. "Allstar" aside, that you truly captured the 60's surf vibe, it's a phenomenal record!!

I was curious if Barefoot studios ever hires on new interns and if so how would one go about applying?

Also, do you ever do "Pro-bono" work producing bands who don't have a billion dollar budget?

It's been a privilege reading all of your answers on this forum, I look forward to the new TBS album and really hope you can find the time to share more wisdom with us!

The Mandala Virus

We are all set with interns/assistants at Barefoot at the moment. If we need more help in the future I'll this in mind.

I have done pure fun projects in the past. It usually comes up when I need a break from the deafening roar of - WE NEED SINGLES!! WE NEED A FIRST SINGLE!! WE NEED SONGS WE CAN PLAY ON THE RADIO!! CAN WE HAVE MORE CHORUSES!! CAN THE SONG START WITH A CHORUS AND THEN GO INTO A CHORUS AND WITH A CHORUS??!!, that is constantly emanating from the record companies.

I did that with the band Persephone's Bees and with the second Death Ray album 'Believe Me'. I recorded both of those records for free. There is way more room for experimentation and creativity without the afore mentioned voice in the room. I think those records are a pretty cool example of that.

The choice to do it is very random. It just has to be something I stumble across that I know will be a really great experience to record.