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man! i can't stop listening to Interstate '76 soundtrack.
Its got some amazing playing on it too!

hey Eric,
how ever did you get that crunchy snare sound in "Spineless Funk". Thats something I've been trying to get for ages but duno how to do without a sample hehe.

I'll upload the track so you can re-listen to refresh memory.

No rush on response man.. i know your busy.
thanks heaps Eric!

p.s. how is the new taking back record going. I saw the video on their website.. looks fun!
I cant say I remember exactly what was used while mixing that, but I can definitely hear the sound of the tape machine and it sounds like there is some chandler Tube Driver on the snr mic. That is something I have been using for a long long time

TBS record has been a lot of fun. I will start mixing this coming week. I am finishing the last bits of vocal comping, some last minute reamping to get the guitar sounds a little better in some spots and some percussion overdubs. It is at that point (that I always seem to end up in) where the record company is freaking out because it was supposed to be done a month ago and I'm obsessing over everything trying to make it as goos as I can.

I think the record is going to be really great. I think, for me, we beat Louder Now. Bringing John and Shawn back into the band was really inspiring for them and they worked really hard on these songs. Its been very inspiring for me to do an entire project on the Undertone Audio console and am excited for people to hear it.