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Originally Posted by stoof View Post
I've tried the last couple of weeks the eric Valentine's Underhead technic.

Sounds pretty awesome I would say, It's quite hard to get the right mic placement.
The most difficult one is the mic above the snare and Kick Drums..
On Eric's pic, the drummer didn t use medium Tom, and this is my major issue.

With the 2 figure 8 mics, I get a really good tom sound, but for the Mic placement above the snare and the kick drums, it prevents me from being confortabel behind the drums by playing with the medium Tom

How would you proceed guys ?

My problem was alos that this snare/kick mic also have lots of hit hat in it, and it wa pretty hard to mix.
Still need to pratice some experiments on that, because it sounds reallly different and really great.

Thanks for bringing this new technic to us.
I try to get it placed so that I have a good balance between hi-hat and snare. IMO you are going to fight a losing battle if you try to get rid of the hats with the mic there. The few times I've used a similar technique, I just tweaked until I was getting a good balance between the two.