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Old 17th July 2003
Lives for gear

My family almost always calls me Jax unless they want to get serious - then it's Jackson...

My closest friends call me Jack, my regular friends call me Jackson, and I get "No, your first name, please" or "Is that your first name?" almost every time I buy or sign something in person. Not much fun, but I'm used to it and I usually don't snap at 'em. heh

Also, not that it matters at all, but people often think they're going to meet a black guy before they ever see me. Anyone for stereotypes? I usually ask them if they've ever heard of Jackson Pollack or Jackson Browne.

Oh yeah, a well-meaning but poorly decided upon nickname that faded acquaintances have tried to make stick: Action Jackson. I'll usually start calling the person something equally as stupid until they get the point, like Fantastic Fred....... ....... ... .. . .. . .. ..... .