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Originally Posted by nathanvacha
I see the advantages to extra conversions with outboard analog gear... but does it help with digital gear? Is anyone doing this specifically and noticing there is a noticeable benefit? You're really adding 4 conversions that way and not just 2 with each pass, too.

dreamsongs: is your final mix itb or summed / stemmed?
All tracks were recorded thru analog gear into SX3 and mixed itb.
I've been using SX3 for about 4 months. I've had to do many things with it so far...

One was transfering all my songs from a Roland VS2480 to the SX3. That was smooth enough and it sounded better once it was in there, maybe it was the the 32bit conversion. But with the transfered tracks, I noticed they were thin sounding, since some them were not tracked with high end gear to begin with. So I was trying to re-amp and re-compress.

Then, on my new songs I tried 2 approaches as far as the effects. Record them dry and then add effects or ...record some wet signals thru the H8000 which would limit me more. Usually chorus/flanged guitars, sometimes delays. I would record them wet and sometimes direct if they were not big parts...

If you perform all instruments and self-produce, it's hard sometimes to record everything dry since you're not getting the feedback of the prior instruments and as you begin to layer and overdub, you lose sight of where the song is going...

That's why lately, if I know what the song should sound like, I record almost everything wet right from the beginning. But, at the expense of not being able to change my mind later.

The Eventide H8000 is an incredible machine and it sounds absolutely gorgeous whatever you put thru it. That's why I didn't want to f*** up the signal by going out analog into the H8000 (D>A) then processed in the H8000 (A>D) then back out analog (D>A) and into the SX3 again (A>D). ****...I just realized as I'm typing this that's it's actually 4 conversions because the H8000 is all digital. It's actually 2 more conversions than I thought !

So, there you's actually 4 conversions. I can't imagine converting a perfectly beautifully recorded track or tracks thru the FW1884's converters ...! Maybe twice but not 4 times, but I could be wrong...and that's what I want to know.

How do the Pros do it ? Do you pass the signal thru a high end converter on the way out and back in when send/returning ?heh