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Hello All,

1.This is probably a rudimentary question: The SR 18 machine has limited outputs (Aux L/R, Main-R, Main-L, Phones). What might be the optimal set-up for recording in terms of panning/assigning individual drum pads to these four outputs?

AUX L = High Hat
AUX R= Toms all together, you can get the blend correct by adjusting the volume on the IND PAD that the TOM is on
PHONES duplicate the MAIN OUTS

DO a second pass to record your cymbals using the AUX L/R. You will have to change the DRum pad output assignment of the others back to the MAIN outs so they are not coming into those outputs. Youll just have to SYNC the SR18 to your Recorder/DAW, no biggie

2. My thought would be "kick" panned to Aux L/R and "snare" to Phones with the rest of the kit going out stereo through Main-R and Main-L? Is this even possible, or is there a better solution?

KICK is MONO, no need to do stereo. Only ones Id do stereo would be the TOMS and or Cymbals
See above, you can assign things on the PAD outputs anyway you like, just depends what you need to isolate for your mix or not. IF you want EVERY piece of the kit on their own AUDIO track then youll have to make a few passes while the SR18 is synced up. No biggie really. Ive dont this a lot and its quick once you do it a few times

3. Is there a "Midi out" solution to this? Can individual drum pad sounds be isolated to invidually-assigned Midi sub-channels?

EACH pad has its OWN midi note number assigned to it. THe SR18 itself will spit all those midi notes down ONE midi channel that you select as the global midi channel. Doesnt matter as the issue is the lack of AUDIO outputs on the unit itself. Most drum boxes are 4 outputs total, nothing new there

4. Is there such a thing as a "multi-channel Midi bus unit" to funnel the 12 pads/sounds through via the SR 18's midi out?

The MIDI output operates on ONE GLobal midi channel which is selectable 1 through channel 16. So , One cable transmitting everything won it with the each PAD having its own note number if you will, see #3 above

Appreciate any thoughts or solutions.

Thanks a lot.

Hope this helps you