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Old 17th July 2003
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Bev is not my real name
I was named after the drummer Bev Bevan from ELO when I joined a funk band straight after music college
I got the gig as keyboad player
It was the first band I ever played in
They wore Chino's and wore their bass guitars too high
I wore an Ozzy Osbourne tour t-shirt, and long curly hair down to my shoulders and ripped jeans looked like a total ex-student
My real name 'Julian' didn't seem appropriate to them, and it was easier to shout 'Bev' across the rehearsal room
'Hey, you're like that scruffy guy from ELO, wassisname, erm Bev Bevan' was as simple as it started
I then shared a house with some of these guys. It got to the stage where my mum would phone up and ask for Julian and she'd get 'sorry wrong number'
After about a year I actually started introducing myself as Bev, which was wierd at first but the name had won
That was 16 years ago
BevvyB was in fact another nickname I got when I started the songwriting thing a couple of years after the band. Some of the guys at the studio we had thought it sounded a bit more showbiz
I met Jules at that time, which was lucky, because we started working together as soon as we met and there was no confusion with us both being called Julian!
To this day, if someone calls me Julian, I go into 'mum phonecall' mode. No one calls me Julian any more except my mum and my aunties
Wierd huh