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Old 28th January 2011
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Alesis SR 18 Drum Machine (optimal panning of audio outputs for recording)

Hello All,

This is probably a rudimentary question: The SR 18 machine has limited outputs (Aux L/R, Main-R, Main-L, Phones). What might be the optimal set-up for recording in terms of panning/assigning individual drum pads to these four outputs?

My thought would be "kick" panned to Aux L/R and "snare" to Phones with the rest of the kit going out stereo through Main-R and Main-L? Is this even possible, or is there a better solution?

Is there a "Midi out" solution to this? Can individual drum pad sounds be isolated to invidually-assigned Midi sub-channels? Is there such a thing as a "multi-channel Midi bus unit" to funnel the 12 pads/sounds through via the SR 18's midi out?

Appreciate any thoughts or solutions.

Thanks a lot.