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mb: asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3.0 sata 6.0gb
cpu: amd phenom ii x4 3.4ghz quad-core
mem: ddr3 g.skills ripjaws 2 x 4GB 1333
psu: ultra lsp 650
hdd: ocz vertex2 40GB SSD (OS), WD sata 6.0gb 1TB 7200 (data)
os: windows 7 x64
daw: reaper and ableton
soundcard: m-audio 24/96 (on its way out asap)

not overclocking atm. anyone recommend a good 2 channel interface (firewire or usb) with very nice clear sounding A/D converters? I really only need stereo ins/outs since it is only for my bedroom compositions but I feel that the m-audio converters are slightly cloudy.