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On 'Gives You Hell' there is no distorted electric guitar on the choruses until the last one. The first 2 choruses are all acoustic guitar and distorted bass (playing chords). The distorted bass sound is an old Kay bass that looks like an SG (don't know what model it is) plugged into two amp setups. Amp #1 was a 70's Big Muff pedal into a Magnatone 260 guitar amp that has 2 12" speakers in it with a 47fet in front of one of the speakers. it is incredible for bass guitar. More sub low end than I've ever been able to get out of an SVT. Amp #2 was a Soldano SLO100 going into an SVT cab with a C12a on it.
thank you so much on the insight! invaluable, and heaviest tone ive heard on a pop rock record

just wondering what mics and gear were used for the acoustic guitar, and also what instrument (or sample) plays behind the chorus of Gives You Hell? it sounds like a distorted string (note sounds like a high E panning left to right) thumbsup

also if you remember... where did that little bell sample loop thing come from in the beginning of Stay Home (with Matt Mahaffey)