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Hi Geoff!
Thanks for taking the time to clarify this for me!

I assume what you say about the DI and the unity gain / line input is valid for all three devices - GTQ2, GTQC and GTP8. (Is the output potentiometer on the GTQ2 and GTQC identical in its gain range to the trim potentiometer on the GTP8?)
The GTQ2 and GTQC use a audio taper pot from unity gain to virtual silence. They also use a 5dB per step input gain controls.

The GTP8 uses a 10dB per step input gain control and a +/-5dB trim control that extends the range by 5dB at each end (-15dB to +85dB gain). It is possible to add a "fader function" as we can supply a 19" x 1U panel with eight pots and cables that plug into the insert jack on the rear of the GTP8.

Sorry if I pester you once more about the other question - the outputs.

On the GTQ2 and the GTQC, I see balanced XLR and unbalanced TS outputs, and it says they are "same level". The output is transformer balanced, so the signal on the unbalanced outputs does not go through the output transformer and should therefore sound different - is that right???
No, not really. The transformer forms the reactive load of the output transistor so the difference between the primary and secondary signals will be very small.

On the GTP8 I see balanced XLR outputs and then a 1/4'' jack labeled "INS". I assume they are then not only an unbalanced output, but a combined send and return of an unbalanced insert path?

Thanks again!
Yes, that's correct. That insert point is specifically for products (like the GT4-8) that we design to access that point. You can't use it on a patchbay.