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We are rather limited down here in australia in regards to this kind of pc assistance.

i dont want to build a whole pc and then have to nit pick.

i want something as plug n play as possible thats fast, and has 2 PCI (not PCIe) slots for my HD2.

my biggest question mark at the moment is the gfx card clashes? i have no desire for anything remotley flashy in the way of graphics so i just want something clash free and cheap.

are there chances of clashes with solid state hard drives? or does that depend on the sata connections?
You are far away, but I offer my help. Computer expert here, 20+ years exp. If you have another computer with email, or we could setup chat or I could even call you if cost is a concern and answer any question regarding building a desktop system, configuring it, and anything else you can think of. Why do you folks buy nice graphic cards for music production? I used to use Matrox 2D cards, lol. Ain't nothing 3D on a DAW unless you playing games on it. You have no need for fancy graphic cards unless you are doing video production, playing games or have an obsession with Audio Visualizer Plugins. Honestly I ran Win7 64 bit on a dell system and it was great. An Optiplex 755. You can get a dell system on a deal somewhere and not deal with the headache of building.

I'm not sure where the concern of a graphics card comes into play with a system. Please read up on whatever motherboard you purchase. I recommend, since you guys are building killer rigs is look up what the overclockers are doing or the hardcore gamers and just build that system (minus the ridiculous graphics cards). Buy all the parts if in the USA from Newegg if you want it easy, or buy parts from eBay if you want it cheap!!!!

I'd say the most important part of a computer is the motherboard. Be sure to get the right motherboard with the right chipset for the current processor. Stay away from VIA chipsets if you can, use intel chipsets. Newegg is an awesome resource for building a machine. Users post reviews regarding a Motherboard, CPU, Memory and conflicts within systems. I would go to Newegg to build a system and get the parts elsewhere. Run Win7 64 bit on your DAW, more memory, it runs better and it can run 32 bit applications no problem. Good luck and please contact me if you need any help.