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The best drummers are the tightest drummers.
Exactly! We're going in I guess some like having a low ppq as a kind of "buffer" to snap things tighter, when you're unable or unwilling to play it right vs 480 or even 960 where you have to get it right or plan to edit and quantize the hell out of it. That's not a diss, it's just everyone is not a world class drummer, including me. I get that.

I don't really consider that a "secret" of the mpc that's just the mathematics. With higher PPQ you have more slices for information to fall on. I don't believe those "random microshifts" are hardware or software based. It's all based on the timing of who's playing. People like the mpc because you only have to be close to being on beat for it to snap things tight because of it's low ppq. Darkchild had a video with this exact demonstration where a bunch of kids started adding parts to the mpc. They just had to be close to on time and the low ppq sequencer snapped it tight. This certainly has it's advantages but it's biggest drawback is not being able to create rhythms that fall beyond 96ppq. Thus leaving you confined to a certain set of rhythms within 96 pulses. Again, that may be just what the doctor ordered...

I'm sure the attraction to models like the 3000 are because the sequencers were not as accurate as current 96ppq models, leaving a groove of variables for misplayed information to fall into. I can't see how that could be labeled as "tighter" but definately has become a plus for hip-hop production.

I've always continued to climb the resolution ladder as seqencers improved. I think I've been so focused over the years on the advantages to having access to more slices for information that I forgot the also advantageous aspects of having a low PPQ, especially for rap music. Thanks for that! thumbsup