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Different midi timing jitter? Never heard that one. heh

The timing of the older sequencers are just not as tight as the newer ones. The mpc3000 was only 96ppq (parts per quarter note). The newer mpc's are 960ppq. 96ppq gave you a more wiggle room in between the 1,5,9,13. Not as stiff.

The mpc4000 works for so many of us came from the 3000 because you can set the mpc4000 to 96ppq. I don't know about the 5000 but I would guess you can set it up for 96ppq as well.
PPQ resolution has nothing to do with the ACTUAL timing accuracy.Think about it.
BTW, if you own some newer model as 5k or 4k or 1k or 2500 or 500 could you make a simple test - track out 2 bars of a metronome click and post it here as a (non clipped, non synced externally) wav file then we`ll see. I encourage everybody to do it since I already posted 2k and 3k values. Since 3k and 60 show small jitter values (comparatively to the 2k released right after 3k with no roger linn signature on it), I suppose that the trend toward larger midi jitter times was maintained in newer models (though more features were implemented)