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Old 24th January 2011
Importing Toft ATB from U.S. online store

I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a Toft ATB16 mixer for my project studio.

So far, the only store around the area which seems to hold that product is Steve's Music. However, not only have I received horrible customer service everytime I shipped there, their actual price for the mixer is 6200$CAN, which is considerably more than the 5k$US it's going for at sweetwater and other US online stores.

It seems that even considering 300-400$ for shipping costs, buying it online would be a better option.

However, I'm worried about duties fees and customs brokers fees. I'm wondering if this - Canadian total shipping fees calculator (brokerage, duty, customs) formula is reliable.

Does anybody have any experience about importing expensive pro audio products from the US to Canada?