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Old 24th August 2002
I have to disagree with you Audiogaff, you make it sound like the Eclipse and the big brother series sound alike, and they don't. There is a clear difference especially in the verbs(at 44.1K and 48K). The Eclipse sounds closer to the H3000(especially the reverbs). Sure they get better sonically as you go up in sampling rate(for eg. 96K), but if you are running the thing digitally, unless you are working at that rate you are screwed(also the presets are limited at the highest sampling rate). I think where the Eclipse shines is in the routing options, you can basically hookup to any situation digitally. I actually prefered the DSP4500 to the Eclipse, even though it supposedly has higher horse power. I think its a better investment to buy a DSP7000(its about a $1000) difference, but its worth it. Its a purchase you won't regret. If any one wants more opinions on this stuff, just go to the Eventide users group on yahoo.