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So the basics:

The Gain Train, a totally transparent, dual module monitor controller. The path from Input to Output is Class A, 18v rails, dc coupled, so no caps in the signal path whatsoever, delivering 24db of headroom. The sonics on this thing are squeaky clean, what you put in is what you hear in your speakers.

Module 1: Main Gain, a complete, simple, standalone monitor controller.

2 In, 2 Out via balanced TRS

Mono switch

Independent Left & Right output muting (at last!)

Tri-color Peak/RMS metering

Module 2: Function Junction, the bells and whistles expansion unit. Attaches directly to Main Gain via high density 15-pin VGA connectors. Or, connect the two with a vga cable and place them wherever you want.

2 Additional Stereo Inputs and Outputs via rear panel DSub

All outputs can be run simultaneously. Hook a sub up to pair and monitor your A or B with the sub, or without the sub, or solo the sub to dial the bottom, or engage party mode and run all speakers at once. Options!

Talkback with Level control and auto program-mute

Dual headphone amps with level controls and top flight signal path (Nichicon & Wima caps, LME hi-voltage op amps). These things get LOUD and are super punchy, my AKG 240's are finally able to hit levels that make me back off on the volume. Sennheisers too, these amps deliver!

Each module lists for $499 each, my guess is they'll hit the streets for around $400 each.

Shipping date estimated at 60 days.


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Footswitch out for talkback? Not a dealbreaker but its nice to have. Did I miss something?