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avoid upgrading to 64-bit on a system that is using old parts since drivers are not always available - check first

This thread should either be taken with a large grain of salt IMO or very detailed for a few reasons:

1 some problems, like IRQ conflicts, are dependent of which slot cards are in, or what plug SATA drives use
2. driver errors (read: parts not working with eachother) are software problems, not hardware problems. Mobos support what is listed on thier specs and most people don't need help reading. So programs versions, OS type, OS updates, and driver versions are more important to know what piece of equipment works with what. Drivers updates can and DO change what works together, so what works today might not work for a future reader.
3 Other seemingly unrelated programs can cause driver problems, conflicts, and other general computer troubles by editing the registry.

Unless all of this information is supplied this info isn't any more useful than picking brand name equipment.

As for product specific 'this doesn't work with this' conflict the first place you should look is the comments on item at

I think a more useful sticky would be: how to choose audio PC components. I see that question asked every day, and it is not always answered well.


We are rather limited down here in australia in regards to this kind of pc assistance.

i dont want to build a whole pc and then have to nit pick.

i want something as plug n play as possible thats fast, and has 2 PCI (not PCIe) slots for my HD2.

my biggest question mark at the moment is the gfx card clashes? i have no desire for anything remotley flashy in the way of graphics so i just want something clash free and cheap.

are there chances of clashes with solid state hard drives? or does that depend on the sata connections?