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Old 14th January 2011
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Hi, Wow, Ive just realised that I have to be completely insane. Here I am listening to the somewhat bizarre Tubes album I did whilst trying to remember working with Mary Hopkin. What an utterly weird life I've led. Oh well.

Postcard. I remember having the prettiest mic set up I've ever seen on one of the sessions for that album. It was just Mary, Paul and Donovan, it was in Number One studio, the really large studio and the set up was just 3 C12s set up in a triangle. One each for 2 acoustic guitars and one for Mary's vocal. It sounded wonderful and just looked so aesthetically pleasing. Strange the things one remembers.

As far as the later album, I didn't even realise I mixed the whole thing. I remember working with Tony Visconti on it but for how long I have no idea. Or anything else about it in all honesty.