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I have posted a couple different shoot outs like this--I try to not bother with stuff we can find all over the place and instead stick with the niche stuff that interests me that I either don't find anyplace or do not find very much of.

I agree with you regarding the transformers--some sources the stock transformer actually will do quite well on. But the Cinemag transformer, for me, does better on more of what I am doing, to my ears. And the Cinemag transformer version still sounds good on the stuff I thought the stock transformer was more appealing on, so Cinemag it is... for me.

Of course it would have been fun to add a Lundahl (did I spell that correctly???) to the shoot out, but I simply did not have enough money or desire to add a third element to the mix. I do think that would be a cool comparison, but I guess it will never happen on my watch. The transformers I am trying to dig up $$$ for right now are all destined for mic preamplifiers! That is my thing these days.