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As an artist turned engineer by default I find myself spending more time on the sound of a song rather than the actual song itself. I spend hours tweaking and messing with a mix and I get caught up in the option anxiety involved with computer recording. I stop thinking about the emotional impact of the song which is really the most important element of it in the end.
This is an amazing example of how everything has turned on it's head.

I find it very interesting that in a world where picking a specialty in one's choice of career is becoming more of a necessity, making good records has gone the opposite way.

There used to be great song writers, great artists, great producers and great engineers, who all collaborated to create magic. It turned out there were some great artists that were also great writers, great writers that were also great producers and so on. But what remained was that person that could stand back and say "That's it. It's there". The artist always had at least a third ear to allow them to just do what they were there for. To create great music.

It seems to me that thanks to available technology, and non music people running the labels, it's turned into Jack of all trades, master of none and everyone's suffering because of it.

Boy, this is so-o-o-o far away from the original intent of this thread.

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