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Indeed we were surrendering to the limitations of technology during the 1960s.

Speaking for myself as a certified grumpy old man, I have been profoundly disappointed by the creative results of the affordable recording technology revolution that began in the 1970s and continues today. Certainly we have evolved a marvelous sketchpad for songwriters but the real creative action seems to be on stage. Perhaps this is because of the discipline that is still required there. It's why I honestly believe the next big thing is going to happen on stage first. We are way overdue for a musical Harry Potter.

Here Here Bob
I think your totally right, at the end of the day, no machine can match a bunch of human people making sounds and playing music together. Its the instant thing, you pluck a note or hit a drum, and you hear the consequence right then n there, n you cant rewind time. This I think always has been the eternal condition that makes people to come together and be creative in a purely spontaneious fashion. At the end of the day recording is recording, and music is music, the two do go hand in hand, however in my opinion there will always be a line. That line used to be very very well divided.
Back to my point There are some electronic musicians out there who are blowing me away with theyre creativity and production. People who seem to fully embrace the technology at hand, guys like Aphex Twin who quite frankly has made some of the best music Ive ever heard, full of soul and heart and otherworldlyness, n showes a bold and daring contrast to music created in more traditional ways, and reminds us that really anything goes. He for example though is a rarety, Ive found few electronic producers and musicians who create truly magical and inspiring music that under the conditions of theyre tools manage to bust the shackles apart and draw God on the page.