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That is actually the very definition of being connected. Downplaying this doesn't change it.

It matters because such dislcosure keeps everyone honest and it allows anyone that reads your post to consider the source.
You are joking right? Dude, many of these companies offer registered users a chance to beta test software and operating systems of hardware. In fact many of them do public beta testing (Propellerhead, Native Instruments). Do you actually own these products? Or have some insight on how they work? Saying I am "connected" sounds silly..actually, just replying to your odd questions/comments is silly.

So lets get back to the topic at hand. Maschine and MPCs...own both products...well versed on their operations. Looking forward to beta-testing Maschine's much needed OS 1.6 (as well as the rest of Native Instrument Forum members...)

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Had NI Macshine for 10 days. Love it! Sold my MPC 5000.
No regrets. 2 thumbs wayyyyyyyyy up for NI Macshine!!!!!
Also an MPC 5000 user. I can't think of one good reason to use Maschine instead of my MPC 5000. The 5K OS 2.0 is light years ahead of Maschine in every way.