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Old 6th January 2011
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Hi, the mix is on it's way. It's a cool track also.

I think to start with, the snare could be thicker/punchier/bigger. It's okay
in the intro, but once the vocal appears the smallness becomes more
apparent, and in the chorus VERY much so.

Once this is done, address the rest of the kit and see if it needs the same.
Also, don't forget that the OH's and Rooms mics can really help the snare
in this aspect. The drums need more depth overall. They sound like they're
in a tiny room right now. Do whatever you have to and make it sound like
a larger space.

At least fix the snare hit at 1:44.
It's flamming quite a bit through the bridge and other parts of the song
with the kick drum. This is distracting and should be addressed too.

Bass is nice and tight/consistent, but sounds like it could extend deeper some.
Possibly could be louder but hard to say without other aspects being addressed

Guitars are a bit "fizzy" and lack some aggression and size. Perhaps they're
a bit dull too. Might be more high mids than top end tho. How were they
tracked? Right guitar seems louder than the left.

Do more with the delays on the vocals to give them more space and depth,
especially in the chorus. i.e a 1/4 and a 1/8 delay (to the tempo) of different
types with 30-40% regen. Adjust to taste with the FULL mix playing. In solo it
will sound like way too much. Depending on your workflow automate it through
the verses. (i keep LV for verses and choruses on separate tracks so i can set
FX/EQ etc and not have to automate cause i'm lazy like that. :P )