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the old system of selling music will never work again. anyone who thinks otherwise might as well stop reading this post right now.

all music should be free in cost.

as an artist/label, the only way to make money 'selling' music is through advertising and merchandising.

---end of story---

Fans are not the only ones who want what is "hot". Marketers make entire careers "breaking" underground artist to the main stream. Thats where the deals should be made.
My goodess, I have no time to read all of the thread, but you are completely wrong. Every music, song, or track has own "quality", I think, personally, that artist should get money not according to effectivity of his manager, marketing team nor ad-guys there, but due to his work, his art quality (even it is subjective)! If you making money thru music, then it is CRAFT, believe or not.

Setup is bad. Great musicians are starving and not that great have $$$ accounts.

My advise to all of people who thinking like You is: "Read a books slutz!" aestetic of music, history of music and basic theory of music should be good start.

No offense, just little disgusted