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Old 6th January 2011
Here for the gear

With all that is being said about new technology that has seemed to help the less talented, and perhaps take the talented into a new direction I have a question about fad recording. At what point does a fad become a standard? I know it all depends on the style of music etc etc. However as an engineer I get the auto tune request a lot. I know this was brought up before, and I know my example is more based on a case by case scenario as to what the client wants. But (putting auto tune aside) when does that new trick, if you will, become a technique? And how often does the new thing turn into something that stands the test of time? I feel like many of my clients songs will say "that was recorded between 2005 and 2010". I am also very new to the field I am young and am growing every day. I'm here to learn so be kind