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Great topic. So much a matter of taste.

I think for instance that on a lot of the old blues records, particularly the historical recordings of Robert Johnson, the limits of the available technology of the time almost act like a sort of beautiful patina. It's hard (for me anyway) to imagine that stuff sounding any other way. The same for the old opera 78's of Caruso et. al., etc.

But some of the Chess recordings of Howlin' Wolf - like Smokestack Lightnin' - seem really hi-fi to my ears and that sounds absolutely right too.

What's cool is that nowadays we have so many (too many?) choices. Of course that's a double edged sword type deal...

And now I will just add a little rant about autotune: it makes people sound like robots. I guess that's OK once in a while but it kinda gets on my nerves when everybody sounds that way.

OK now I feel better.

Jordan Chassan
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