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For me, one of the main reasons the classic music of people like The Beatles, Bowie, and Elton is considered classic is because the sound and production complimented the music so well to the point that those recordings are as important as the songs themselves...

the recordings and sounds weren't just snapshots, they oozed personality...and contributed to the emotion of the song beyond just the singer and the in photography or film...some are grainy black and white, some are technicolor, and so on...and they managed to do it without being boring and pretentious nor cheesy and stupid...
Yes, it all goes hand in hand.

What I am asking is : if 24/96k was the norm back then, would we revere these songs and/or react to them in the same way ? (Lets say that there was no previous "classic sound" to reference the above songs to)

Is it impossible to convey/invoke certain feelings without the specific gear? Is it that human feelings/motivations are linked to the technology of their respective age and these "classic songs" would not have come about otherwise ?