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the recordings and sounds weren't just snapshots, they oozed personality...and contributed to the emotion of the song beyond just the singer and the in photography or film...some are grainy black and white, some are technicolor, and so on...and they managed to do it without being boring and pretentious nor cheesy and stupid...
Exactly! This is what melts my mind, figuring out what should be vibrant full colours (a big hi-fi recording) Or maybe dulled colours, or more green, or black and white, or sepia. These recordings that are more uneven could be called characteristic, but they could also be called 'wrong' and making the distinction seems a really big challenge.

It's like a band here in Australia - Karnivool - their first album was super hi-fi, sounded amazing and ethereal, it had lots of hidden synth parts behind big heavy guitars and it felt amazing, even album reviews spoke about how incredible the production was. Then their next album, with the same producer, was much grungier. Duller snare sounds, uneven guitar tones, sometimes the vox got a bit buried, really really rough and aggressive bass sounds, and none of those hidden ethereal synth parts. The band went from feeling like they were floating in another dimension at war with the meaning of existence on their first album, to seeming more like an underground rebellion in a futuristic distopia in their second album.

And so, perhaps these ideas of, making the recording sound less like the actual instrument, works best when it's done with a narrative? Even though the audience may never realise, perhaps it works to great effect on their pre-conscious feelings about the song?

This is why I feel it's vital to know the lyrics for a song when working on it, - if the song is about being too awesome to take any crap from a woman stirring things up, the vocals had better have a strong presence and enough low end! If it's about being hurt and vulnerable maybe we can soften him up a bit, let him feel further away, etc etc.