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For a super-low budget V67g mod, there's a guy on ebay advertising $60 mods for Rode mics. He has before and after clips of a modded V67g. His studio is called Minute Nine, if I recall correctly. For a deluxe mod, JJ Audio can swap in a ADK Hamburg capsule, which would really make it a lush sounding mic. I have their mod with the stock capsule and a Jensen transformer. It's pretty sweet - as in rich and beefy with a smooth high end.

We now have added a single membrane JJ-T67 capsule to the mix.

It is a custom capsule assembled in Europe that sounds similar to the Neuman K67.

We will also be adding the JJ-T47 capsule next month.

Both capsules are 6 micron German Mylar

Check out the shootout clips Here