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Well thanks for the welcome hossman777 - I'm reading "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry right now so I'm down with 'hosses' ; )

To your question about the MJE-K47H / 603 combo vs. v67 mod vs. 2003a mod -

What I try to do is provide easy-to-choose upgrade paths for a variety of clients - based on what they already own, or in the case of folks looking to expand their lockers - what they want to acquire to compliment that locker. So each of the paths you mentioned provide very nice results and a great value. I've always been one to recommend folks upgrade what they already own rather than buy something new. So I'll talk about your specific locker...

Prior to the introduction of the 2003a, the v67 was probably the most cost-effective, usable and neutral-sounding mic outside of a used Oktava MK-219 or MK-319 (same capsule, same electronics but different headbaskets which gives the 219 more lower midrange push while the 319 is more "open" sounding).

The v67 can be improved by reducing some harshness it possesses - though it does have a timbre-balance is much more to my liking than the average K67-type capsule mic with its built-in 8dB boost at 8kHz. After mod, the v67 is much smoother, though it retains a bit of its "brighter than flat" timbre balance. One of the great advantages of the v67 is its transformer-coupled output which allows it to be pushed hard to achieve some transformer saturation coloration.

The 2003a on the other hand has a transformer-less output circuit and does not possess the ability to be driven hard to good effect. However, its timbre-balance really falls in line with the classic "Neumann-esque" sound and only needs some refinement to sound smoother and have less headbasket-induced coloration.

I think of the OktavaMod'd v67 as being more of a 'rock' mic with attitude while the 2003a is a bit leaner, cleaner, faster and more 'poppy'.
That's not to say you couldn't use either mic for either of those two styles of vocals - but they do lean toward their respective camps.

The MJE-K47H / 603 combo is the "biggest" sounding - its fast, has extended HF response (but not peaked HF response) and, oh did I say it, is really "big" sounding due to the interaction of the capsule and the body's polarization voltage.

So you see a recommendation from my perspective is not really possible - I love them all! Consider what you have for mics and were you want to go with them.

But like I said above - easy choice - is the key. People have enough complications in their lives without having to choose "one from column A, one from column B, one from column C etc" for every component in a mic from headbasket, to capsule, to wire type, to FET or tube, to circuit topology, to capacitor types, to resistor manufacturer to transformer type. Whew!

I may be "Neumann-esque" old school, but people trust me to deliver broadly useful sound - and spare them the hassle of sorting through options.