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And the original (celebrating 2yrs in production) v67 mod can be found here.
Oh no! Alert the trolls! There goes Joly, pushing his mic mods again! The nerve of that guy! If he'd quit duping people out of their money, then they could buy their SM7b's and GAP Pre73's!

Seriously, it's good to see you back around these parts, Mr. Joly. I haven't had anything modded by you as of yet, but your posts have helped me A TON and I've done a little light modding myself, thanks to your expertise (removing headbasket mesh layers, retensioning ribbons, etc). I think the crap you've gotten from some of the trolls on this board has been completely unwarranted and unfair.

Like I said, I haven't had any work done by you yet, but I should get a decent tax refund and am seriously considering your MJE capsule/headbasket thingie for my 603S.

Probably answered already, but what's the tonal difference between the MJE, V67G and 2003a? (I have the two V67G and 2003a...just curious how the MJE would compare).

Cheers to you, Mike!