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Here for the gear

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The CAD M9 is an interesting mic and I really wanna get one two

It's Tube driven and OP amped balanced output like their Equitek mics (E100-E350). The tube is sourced from Russia and is an 12AX7. However, I believe a nice NOS Mullard from BOWIE would be nice in it!

For the price it's ready to compete with the TLM series from Neumann, especially after the tube swap. I feel like I'm biting recordinghacks... :/

Seriously, it is supposed to be a great mic and yea any CAD Equitek and M series mic is gonna be good. For vocals I'd give a thumbs up to the M9, but it's the other direction of the V69 ME.

Now... is it a better option then the 2003a and the V67G?

IDK, but what I do know is that I LOVE my CAD e-350's! This opamp design that CAD uses is awesome and really delivers great results.

Only reason I haven't bought an M9 is because well... I haven't needed it

Hope that helps!


So Mista Min and MHS2Xs and hossman and doulos and Budget MC

you all talked me out of the V69ME Mogami and into the 2003A ... then out of that and into the CR-24 package on sale at GC for 149.

I have to say I had a pretty amazing evening using this new mic. It is so far beyond what I expected and I have just begun to get into the recording aspect of it.

My thanks to all of you. You absolutely sent me in the right direction. You guys really rock! How the hell do they sell a mic like this for $149 AND give you an extra 603S and shockmounts... and ... and...
Can't thank you guys enough.