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i just finished building a PC for my studio. my advice? don't do it. you won't save much money if any, especially if you consider time. one flawed part (bad ram, mobo, etc) will wreck your savings.
I disagree. If you are proficient in building computers, the time involved is minimal. I bet I would spend more time uninstalling all of the crap-ware that comes on a Dell or HP, than I would building my own PC. I have the benefit of selecting each component to ensure maximum compatibly. Also, many times high end components have a greater warranty than off the shelf PC’s. Business & enterprise machines may have a longer warranty than the standard “2 year” on your basic HP machine, but most of the parts in my custom i7 machine have a “5” year warranty. I’ve had Dell’s, Gateways and HP’s and not one of them lasted 5 years. But hey, maybe that was just bad luck. My last build, an AMD X2 machine, lasted 6 years before a stick of ram went bad. Luckily, I had selected Corsair with a lifetime warranty, so now it’s back in business with no further problems.

You said the Mobo you went with has “well known issues”. Well, there is your problem right there! It definitely takes some research to build a rock solid DAW, but I’d also imagine it takes some research before purchasing any off the shelf computer for serous DAW duties as well. Sure, a spanking new Dell might have the same exact i7 950 that’s in my rig, but what kinda Mobo is in that thing? What kinda PSU? Are the fans quiet? How long will a warranty issue take? You generally have to send in the whole machine for warranty work. I’m sure not going to send my hard drive to Dell if all they need to do is replace the video card. I think there are a lot of variables to consider when using a branded PC for high end duties. I like to think I removed a lot of those variables when hand picking each component and having the knowledge of exactly what is in my case.

The cost savings are not what they used to be, that is very true. And maybe I am just a cynic. But I just don’t believe that any branded PC like (Dell, HP, ect..) can even come close to the durability and stability of a custom rig. Computer building is certainly not an endeavor that everyone will enjoy, so thankfully there are plenty of companies out there willing to charge a premium to piece together custom machines. They test them, they warranty them, and sell em. People buy them, post rave reviews on forums all over the internets.. I read em up, research, hit newegg and microcenter, and save 300 bucks. Pretty rewarding for me! So far 3 months and not even a slight hiccup on my new build.

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