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When I set the duet to +4 the levels are quite low, when I set it to -10 they are as I'd expect them to be.

Plus...what confuses me is that the levels on the duet look alright on both +4 and -10, but the recording levels in logic 9 are not looking the same and always appear lower than indicated on the duet. As if something turns them down on the way...

Would anyone here feel able and willing to explain this to me?
..and what does all this mean in terms driving recording devices etc that are
You may be seeing what looks to be incorrect levels, but in actual fact they are accurate. This is because digital scale and analog scale are different. There is about 18dB difference as digital reaches full scale peak (clip) at 0dB whereas analog will peak at anything from about +12 to +28dB or even more depending on the headroom of the design. This can make matching signal levels seem difficult.