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Assuming standard margins, $600 extra at retail is an extra $120 at wholesale.

Gregory Scott - ubk
What world do you live in?

If that's the margin on the UBK stuff I'm sorry I got out of doing retail... my experience in the world of retail would have had reseller price closer to an extra $400 over previous "dealer cost".

My experience with Manley was from being "dealer #3" on the planet... which happened in about 1991 [maybe early '92]. I do not recall a previous price increase in those 18-19 years [there may have been one, I just don't remember it]. At the same time, there seems to be a bunch of desire for products built in the US... and Manly products are entirely built in the US... from the milling of the face panels to the winding of the transformers, its ALL done in the US - while creating manufacturing jobs instead of shipping them overseas.

After at least a decade [if not closer to 2 decades] of absorbing supplier price increases I think they're due!! I mean imagine if you didn't get a pay raise at your job for 5 years... how would that work for you? triple that!!!