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Originally Posted by SWAN808 View Post
to be honest all the 3rd party libs are excellent - its whatever suits you!

I think the analoginthebox FLEX EQ bundle is pretty undeniable as you get

API 550
Neve 1073
Massive Passive
Massive Passive Expansion
DW Fearn Tube EQ

for €49

Im a big fan of R2R with Tapebooster +

Aside what has already been said....

The Alex B CLC (SSL 4k) and VBC (Vintage Neve console) seem to be the 2 most favourite consoles in the community...

Take a look at the rhythminmind libraries also:

1313 » Nebula Programs
ordered CLC + thinking of the neve classic or vintage. it seems the vintage has more nice lowend, while the classic is nice in the highs.