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Old 3rd January 2011
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Hi Dave, I tend to go through all the tracks, EQing each thing on it's own, already knowing pretty much how I want it to sound and then balance the drums, bring in the bass and onward through everything else. I've tried started with everything up but I found that for me it just didn't work.

I can't think of a time when I would have pulled out 1K on a snare. If you are noticing a lack of that frequency I guess it could be that the mics I use on snare are slightly deficient in that frequency? Other than that I have no idea. It's not something planned.

The only time I limit/compress drums solely on their own is for a Ringo type of effect. Usually they are just a part of the overall compression.

And last but not least, yes I have worked with several singers who have wanted to hear something on their voice in the headphones. The only one I can think of specifically was Mr Lennon who always liked some repeat in his ears.