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Old 3rd January 2011
Here for the gear

Don't touch me there

Hi Ken, In another thread you mentioned having worked on Don't Touch Me There. I love how you made the Phil Spector style production. Sorry if this is too much of a newbie question but I might as well ask the master while I have this chance. Concerning the snare sound is the trick to getting that cannon sound basically tuning it low and putting on a lot of long reverb plus having the right room(and getting the tambourine in there as well)? Any tips appreciated. What type and size of snare would you recommend for this sound? Also , I think I hear castanettes on the chorus. Am I correct? They really sound great and add so much to the whole feel of the song. One more also, is the "bell sound" on this song a glockenspiel? Thanks again, I look forward every day to reading your replies, Mark