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Lives for gear

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McDSP v4 to v5. $29 per plug.
Soundtoys v3 to v4 $99
Native Instruments Komplete 6 to 7 $199

All the big boy software developers charge for upgrades. Waves calls it Wup and adds some other stuff to it like their own ilok insurance thingy. That's the only difference. Whether ones upgrade policy is fairer then the other is a whole different discussion...
Yes, thanks! Here is the point:

I don't have to upgrade to from 5 to Komplete 7. I can wait for Komplete 9, still can purchase the update and will have many many more features, a doubled library etc.

Soundtoys extend their palette with their updates. Waves does not!

It may be good for really professional custumers, relying on ensurance etc. but not for semi-professional. And Ilok offers insurance themself.