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Different strokes I guess..

I have a ton of hardware, and make a ton of music. In fact I havent been this productive in a couple years. A lot of people are trimming down their studios, but make sure you know thats what you want to do. Theres nothing worse than selling a bunch of stuff off, and then realizing that the inspiration was being able to turn it all on.

Yes... I am sure it's what I want to do. In 2010 I fell prey of G.A.S. again and bought an insane amount of stuff, and went from mixerless "ITB" back to "OTB" with full-blown hardware mixer, 24 channels, separate hardware FX boxes, more and more keyboards, more and more modules etc.

Yes, the sound is a bit different OTB, more "analogue" if we want to use that term. It is good, it's undeniable.

However, I realized all these extra components slow down my workflow, overwhelm me and make me "lazy" - that's just me. Of course it will be different for other people.

I love having a real hardware mixer with 24 tactile faders to move, I really do... but have realized, after a year of this, that I do go a lot faster by staying ITB, I get less distracted, and can get 90% of the sound I'm getting OTB.

Besides selling keyboards / modules, I want to go back at having this type of workstation:

computer keyboard and mouse on top of table
MIDI controller keyboard on the bottom tray

That was the combination that really worked for me.

Similar to this. No hardware mixer