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You may search out a thread in the Geekslutz area to see what a brand new dead on arrival Manley ELOP looked like last summer....
Ok, I just checked out that thread since initially it was hard for me to believe your story based on my own experiences.

All I can say is, my ELOP here does not look like the one in the photos and has worked perfectly since day one. I had another ELOP, an early one, that I used for probably about 6 years, never a problem with that one either. I've had (and still have) many other assorted Manley products (and Langevin), no issues whatsoever.

Actually... I DID once have a minor issue with one channel of a DVC, years back, I sent it in, it was fixed for free, lickity split, amazing service... no more problems.

I don't know too much about electronics specifically, I just know about audio... and Manley delivers stellar quality in terms of audio. The look and feel of their products is excellent too. Overall their gear makes me very happy and satisfied.

Should I be concerned about the guts? Well, from my personal experience, considering all the units I have had and still have, and the amount of hours I put on all of it, Manley has proven to be EXTREMELY reliable. And everything has always functioned perfectly and sounded amazing. When considering all, my Manley failure rate is like 1%, less than what I experience with a lot of my other expensive stuff.

So, solder flux spatter or not, from my PERSONAL experience, I can only be entirely thrilled with their products and feel they are well worth the price.

And it's impressive how EveAnna did step up to the plate and took care of you. As well, she admitted that she had a pow-wow with her factory people, showed them the photos of the questionable soldering work and effectively instructed them to be more careful. As well, some other respected forum members commented that most Manley units do not look like that on the inside... that you probably just got a "lemon". As EveAnna stated, these things are built by humans... and she ultimately took care of it. That's the bottom line.

If anything I think this is only a testament to how great Manley is as a company, EveAnna herself readily communicates on this forum directly with her customers, that's very impressive and makes me feel very good about the products. I know she is there ready to take care of ME, as a customer. That cannot be said for many other manufacturers. There are a lot of other high-end manufacturers out there that, when you contact them about an issue, you don't hear anything back for weeks, and then when you do, the service is terrible and you're without your unit for sometimes months... and then it doesn't even get fixed right. I'm not going to name names, but I've witnessed this more than once with other companies. Manley is at the top of the scale in terms of customer service.

My personal assessment is that if you had chosen to keep that ELOP, Manley would have repaired it, they likely would have even cleaned the flux spatter and replaced the dirty resistor too (even though EveAanna said it was unnecessary), and you would have received that unit back in mint condition and it would have functioned perfectly and reliably for another 10 years, easily. This is VERY likely what would have been the case.

Sorry that you had that poor experience, surely it does not give one a good feeling when one receives a brand new expensive unit and it arrives DOA. It sucks, but it happens. I know guys that have purchased brand new $90k+ Porsches etc, and days later the cars left them stranded and had to be towed back for repair... it happens. As long as the manufacturer makes good and ultimately provides you with a properly functioning, reliable product, all is good and it amounts to nothing more than a one-time, very minor, very brief inconvenience.

Again, my current ELOP is still going strong here, for years, I love it, it's an awesome tool that allows me to yield great sounding music. I plug it in and grin... and get my music work done. That's all I need to know and all I need to be happy.

I'll admit, I don't spend much time with a magnifying glass inspecting the inner circuit boards of all my gear, that really is not of much concern to me as long as everything works and sounds great.

At the end of the day, I don't care if a unit is packed with the most expensive, fancy guts, with all solder joints hand polished to a mirror-like gleam, or if it's packed with all ultra cheap junk, dirt, dust, puddles of flux everywhere, whatever, AS LONG AS the thing SOUNDS great, functions properly and is RELIABLE. I'll even tolerate one failure IF the manufacture is great about repairing it properly and quickly. More than one failure in the short term and I might get irritated, but that hasn't yet happened with any "modern" gear (stuff from the past 15 years) I have owned.

Considering the amount of Manley gear I've owned and used over the years and the amount of hours I've put on all of it, Manley products have proven to be among the most reliable. That's my personal experience anyway FWIW.