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It seems to me that what you really need and crave for is a CHANGE... It seems that you are feeling heavy having all those machines around and probably overwhelmed too.
So do what you feel is going to make you feel better.

I have two propositions for you.
Either store your machines and use just 3 for quite a long time, for example 6-10 months and only if you feel you mastered them/bored of them go to the storage room and replace them with a other trio and so on.
Or, keep just ONE hardware synth and make audio multitracks with it. Then process the audio tracks ITB to make them sound good for the song you are working on.
This is also liberating and can sound very good too.
For example I was shocked to listen to a Youtube video track with all tracks being just a TX7 multitracked (and if I remember correctly I think without even any effects added!)

I would also like to thank you for your Synthmania site. I have spent a lot of time there during the years listening to gear demos before buying it.

In the end, just follow your heart man.