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True but, to my ears, VAs in general sound like a cheap, plasticky version of a real analog synth...after all, I'm not into 90s techno or any form of EDM actually...

My idea of a "digital" synth is one that sounds really different than an analog...FM, PD, Additive, ROMpler, Wavetable, Granular etc is my idea of digital...when I want subtractive and filters I prefer analog...with some exceptions of course!heh
Most of the sound of analog comes from the filters alone (hint: emulator II, CEM based dco synths) since they are the most complex part of a synthesizer at least mathematically speaking. The oscillators themselves not so much. In a few analog behemoths the oscillators can have more bite, but in most cases a sawtooth wave is still a sawtooth wave and if you don't skimp out on the digital oscillator design, (generated rather than simple wavetable, and definitely not one of those crappy non-interpolated free amateur vsts) it will sound just as good as a full analog when ran through an analog filter.