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Hi Ken,

This is something I've been spending a lot of time thinking about myself recently.

In your answer you said "It's whatever works for the music" But herein lies the problem. How do we tell? For the last 6 years of engineering I've worked really hard to be able to get a feel for that pristine, hi-fi sound, but finding the guts to do something different is hard.

How do you separate your own habits/character/style from the hidden desires of the music, to sound in it's own particular way? How do you find the imagination to see an instrument, song, or entire record as needing to sound anything other than hi-fi?

I mean, sure it's easy to say that perhaps a strong rhythmic guitar part would work well with a lot of attack to give it a sense of aggression, to give it the persona of someone speaking forcefully. But to do something really out there, that would, in any other song, just be called bad? Like a really harsh mid-rangey guitar sound, or a muffled reverb, or a dull snare.


And sorry for the scatterbrained reply.