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I couldn't agree more with this. The learning curve is INSANE. I had no idea what i was getting into when i started. I progress a little each day and thats all i can do i guess.
Thats the only thing you should do actually. Take your time, do it step by step, put your feet firm down to the ground. There is no need to hurry.

Synths are more about understanding the nature of the sound than understanding the technical details. And remember there are a million things you could do with extremely little. It does not matter how much you but what you do with what you know. Limitation is the best teacher always. Each time you learn a new thing ask yourself. Do I really need this ? Be practical.

It true that computers loose their value quite quickly, but the need to upgrade now with 4 cores, 8 cores and 16 cores is alot more small than the old days of single cores. And this need it is getting smaller each year. You can easily keep a computer for as long as it lasts and never get bored of it.

For example let say I got a Virus TI used for 5-10 years and I got bored with it. It is not so difficult , it is afterall only a virus, one synth , alone. After 5 years it will lose some substantial value from 30% to 50%.

A computer in 5 years may lose up to 70%-80% but you can change its software all the time, you will be hardly ever bored with it, and because the current computer are extremely suitable for the needs of music making , you can afford to never sell your computer , use in the meanwhile any synth you like and never lose any money.

I bought my imac to be used mainly for audio recording of my hardware synths, which use very little cpu, it has a core 2 duo at 2 ghz . Now I use all the VST alchemy and Octopus , and still I am perfectly fine with my iMAC. Just because new computers came out, now new imacs are quad core that does not affect AT ALL how useful my imac is to me. And since I work minimal, there is absolutely NO NEED to upgrade or sell my imac. I can keep it as long as it remains alive and it will always be as useful and valuable to me as it is now.

I have not even upgraded the OS , I am still using Tiger and that makes me 2 versions behind. But I will upgrade to Lion when it is released, not because of music, but because of software development that I do, and I want to keep my setup current. If I was doing only music with my imac , I would not have upgraded even the OS.

And if you are worried about staying behind, the only thing to do is visit KVR and download Cheap Second hand VSTs and music software.