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This is such a great topic of conversation; I've often thought about this in my own time recently.

As a student, I shouldn't really be in the position of owning a 'really nice' HiFi, but as my music matters so much to me, I've invested my own money in one. I still find myself listening to a lot of music which doesn't exactly possess the merit of what could be considered 'good sound', but they still work brilliantly to my ears. Examples? Minnie Riperton 'Les Fleurs' comes to mind straight away. Heavy tape saturation all over the place, ridiculously high noise shelf, audible clipping, it's all in there.

Nonetheless, I think it's a great sounding record. I've come to the conclusion that what is classically referred to as 'good sound' isn't the only kind of 'good sound' you can achieve. As a result, good sound is something which is always important in your music, it's just a question of what makes it sound good, and that depends entirely on the sort of music in question.

Just my 2c. I'm still quite new to the whole recording world (second year at Uni) so my opinions will probably be completely different in a year's time