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Hi Rene, I love this question and have asked Jules to open it up for a general discussion if any one else wants to put their 2 cents in.

For me there are no hard and fast rules. It's whatever works for the music. Before starting Ziggy DB passed a comment that I probably wouldn't like this album because it's more rock and roll. He was correct with regard to the latter, but I sure loved recording it. Musically it was edgier than Hunky Dory and so sonically it needed to be edgier. A tame sound would not have meshed with how the band was playing. Aladdin Sane, in some instances, took it even further. I'm thinking specifically about Cracked Actor. We initially tried just a straight forward harmonica on it, but it sounded lame so I had it put through Ronno's Marshall and suddenly it gelled.

Now something like Crime Of The Century, IMHO, had to be the absolute best we could make it, sonically. There are some grungy guitars in there but they are never allowed to take over. It wasn't that kind of album.

To me it's the difference between Sgt Pepper and the White album. After the sonic perfection of Pepper they wanted a much rougher rock and roll type of album.

I'll leave it at that for the moment and I look forward to reading other people's thoughts on the subject.

Cheers and a very happy new year.