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Originally Posted by Mr. Varaldo View Post
It is a great home studio, but I am overwhelmed... I can't play them all. I am not an octopus, I'm simply a man with two arms and two feet.
LMAO! I can just see it, your face on the body of an Octopus jamming away on those keys! Haha...

Very courageous of you, your original post. I totally understand where you're coming from. I used to feel the same, like I've got too much gear, and am always getting lost in patch cables and possibilities. Occasionally I still do, but I've found a workflow (out-lined below) that's really helped me become more productive.

May I suggest an alternative to selling? Storage! What I've started doing is deciding which equipment to use for a particular project and then moving stuff OUT of the studio. That initial decision on what to use is not always easy, mind you, but once you commit and focus, you'll be shocked at how the music just starts to flow.

I am not a hoarder or collector, but I can't bring myself to let go of gear easily. In fact, I've only sold a handful of synths over the years, and they were ones that I simply didn't like any more. Otherwise, even if I'm not using a synth much, I will keep it around because YOU NEVER KNOW! heh

Beautiful studio, BTW. It looks to me like you have plenty of space to try another idea which is to break things down into little "workstations" instead of having one huge monster setup with a central command. This is how I've setup my own studio. For example, in one corner I have a "compuphonic workstation" where I have only a Promars, a Jupiter-4 and a CR-8000 drum machine and a few FX pedals. That's it. The sound goes into a little Roland cube monitor underneath the Jupiter - in mono (MONO ROCKS!). It's so simple. I am making music within minutes with this setup.

Then I have other "workstations" such as an 80's Roland DCO love fest workstation with a JX-3P and Juno-2. Each workstation has its own recording/monitoring facilities using "obsolete" gear (e.g. old serial MIDI interfaces, old iBooks, old guitar amps, etc.). The idea is simplicity, immediacy, independence and completeness (as much as possible).

I have long since abandoned the Central Services approach to my studio. I found I was losing WAY too much time filling out B-6 forms instead of making music!heh